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Antiquity's Gate

A Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Series

When two realities came face-to-face, the consequences nearly destroyed one of them.


An epic new sci-fi adventure, the Antiquity's Gate series takes a fresh look at old problems, and explores the human condition from both sides of an endless, silent war. Journey across a sweeping backdrop as you unravel the mysteries surrounding the Gate. Woven together from conspiracies, dystopias, airships and elves, these books will take you to the edge of the world…and beyond.

Experience Antiquity's Gate for yourself today! The only way out…is through.

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Three days Till Dawn is a perfectly paced, stunning, and immersive adventure into a beautifully complex and nuanced post-apocalyptic society. The author has created a world so rich and believable, I felt like I had lost something wonderful when the story ended.

Dani, Goodreads

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Below you'll find links to some recent interviews and reviews. If you're interested in a more extensive list, click here.

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Indie Go Interview with Laura Mae

The croissant, an overpriced and underwhelming choice to be sure, is already gone. I brush my hands together but some of the fragments still cling to my palms, which have begun to sweat.


“Besides, you know what they say. Better to have snacked in the dark than to never have snacked at all.”


“I don’t think that’s—”


I clutch my Cinnamon Dulce latte in both hands, inhaling its comforting aroma.


“Maybe we should just get started.”


The Reading Desk, A Mrs. Y Review

Let me start with the first impression, and I’m going to spoil it slightly, I was impressed. This story may sound from the elements I’ve said like something out of Tolkien, but it’s not. This is more like 1984 meets an Urban Dystopian Fantasy, and it WORKS! I know! I was surprised too!


Reader's Favorite Review

As the title suggests, Three Days Till Dawn is symbolic of the dawning of truth, and I found the journey to arrive at this point most entertaining. The characters are genuine and as the story evolves, so too do many threads, which have the effect of hooking the reader into the journey this story takes. It becomes possible to feel immersed in the world of Sanctuary, and connected to the individuals tied up in the intrigue.

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Antiquity's Gate: Three Days Till Dawn
Antiquity's Gate: Three Days Till Dawn
Antiquity's Gate: Through a Mirror, Darkly
Antiquity's Gate: Strands of Fate
Antiquity's Gate: Strands of Fate
Antiquity's Gate: Memoirs of the Forgotten
Antiquity's Gate: Memoirs of the Forgotten
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