Reviews of Antiquity's Gate

As well as a few interviews & other fun encounters with internet-kind!

Goodreads Reviews

Perhaps you prefer to have your reviews all in one place? Well, there are a good number of them over at Goodreads for you to peruse at your leisure.

The Writer's Alley

Author Jacob Rundle read and reviewed Three Days Till Dawn, and then was also kind enough to invite me over for an interview!

"It's been a while since I've read a novel that completely blew my mind."

The Reading Desk Review

Here's a review of Antiquity's Gate: Three Days Till Dawn hosted at The Reading Desk, and done by the fabulous Mrs. Y.

Review by Turn Another Page

Jenny at Turn Another Page reviews Antiquity's Gate: Three Days Till Dawn.

A Review by E.J. Dawson, Author

Ms. Dawson is a prolific reader and writer and an asset to the writing community. She frequently reviews indie books, and here's what she had to say about mine.

Talking Science with Writer's Row

Popped in for an interesting chat on The Writer's Row YouTube channel with authors D.C. Wright-Hammer and David Gane.

Mulling it Over Interview

A fun interview I had with Erin Robinson, also known as the Flossy Bunny.

Review by L.M. Potter & A. Nelson

These two lovely ladies share a blog, co-author books, and both loved Three Days Till Dawn!

Front Page News

No kidding—I really was on the front page of a real live newspaper! Luckily for all of us, they also archive their articles on the web. So you can read all about it here.

Reader's Favorite

Reader's Favorite is a provider of editorial reviews for authors known & as yet-yet-undiscovered. Three Days Till Dawn received five stars from them. You can read the details here.

The Well Read Squid Video Review

If you prefer to watch book reviews, The Well Read Squid has you covered with her review. If you prefer to read them…The Well Read Squid also links to her written version. You can't lose!

Indie Go Interview

Author Laura Mae hosted me for her Indie Go interview recently, and I had a particularly fun time with this one. I hope you enjoy it!

Review by Trey Stone, Author

Head over to Trey's blog to see why he gave Three Days Till Dawn an enthusiastic five stars.

Netgalley Reviews

Netgalley is an early reader portal that provides early feedback for authors such as myself. You can check out the reviews of Three Days Till Dawn that came from Netgalley readers here.

Nooks & Crooks Review

Here's a review with Riya at the Nooks & Crooks blog. It contains spoilers in the second half, but it's clearly marked so you can avoid them if you'd like!

A Review by Mada at Al-Alhambra

This is an interview at the Al-Alhambra blog, where they loved book one so much they quickly requested the sequel!