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The Art of Antiquity's Gate: Strands of Fate

By now, you've noticed a pattern to the covers of Antiquity's Gate. There are always two characters. In classically unreliable-narrator-fashion, they may or may not ever meet in the book. They may or may not be portrayed in a setting that they may or may not visit in the story.

You may wonder why I chose to have them drawn like this. And I'd like to share that fascinating little nugget with you today!

I think all authors view their characters as real people on some level. They have personalities, quirks, flaws, and things to say. We hurt when they hurt and feel triumph when they find victory. We weep with them over their tragedies and laugh at their jokes. They're friends, companions along the journey.

So when I commissioned these works from my amazing artist, Nushie, I decided to treat them like real people. Actors, if you will. I see them wandering between sets, mingling with each other and gossiping over the catering table. So, for me, it's little wonder if they strike a quick publicity pose on another stage, or are caught conversing with someone with whom they may not share a scene. To me, this one little idea opens up so much possibility. And it also gives these characters, who are already real to me, just that much more dimension.

And so, my friends, that is the reasoning behind my ways. I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse inside my head!

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