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The Art of Antiquity's Gate: Through a Mirror, Darkly

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I have to say, I was excited to talk to the artist about ideas for this cover, but even more excited when I actually saw it come to fruition.

This spread features two of my favorite fictional ladies: Sylvia & Penelope. One pensive, probably thinking about the mountains of paperwork she has waiting for her back at Sigil. One playful, probably thinking about how fun it's going to be to use that riveting hammer on whatever project she's up to. Actually, make that three of my beautiful ladies, since Pluto, that amalgamation of metal bits and bobs in the background, is also considered a lady by her doting creator.

What do you say about those colors?! I love the foliage so much. Burnt orange is, hands down, my very favorite color in the whole world and I love that it adds such beautiful bursts of vibrancy to the scene. In fact, I love everything about the piece if we're being truthful!

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