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Autographed, Personalized Copies…Just For You!

Offer currently available in the continental US only. Due to the exorbitant cost of shipping internationally, I haven't included that as an option yet. If you are an international fan, you can scroll down to check out my bookplate option, or contact me if you'd really like to get your hands on a signed copy!

Antiquity's Gate: Signed Copy


Choose your edition and title, then click "Pay Now" to be taken to PayPal to complete your purchase. A flat $3 shipping cost & tax will be applied.

Book Plate

If you already have your copy but would like to add a little personalization to it, here's a great option! This book plate has an adhesive backing, so you can place it inside your book and enjoy my smiling Astrosheep whenever you wish!


Book Plate, Personalized

$2.50 Shipped

(International, too!)

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